what is
tails of nye county
all about?

Mission Statement

Our mission is to end pet over-population in Nye County through our Trap-Neuter-Return program for stray and feral cats and our low-cost spay and neuter program for companion dogs and cats.

Tails Of Nye County is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization working in Nye County, Nevada, focusing on ending cat over-population primarily using TNR, Trap-Neuter-Return. Working with caregivers, we trap feral or “community cats”, take them to be spayed or neutered and return them to their trapping location. At the same time as the surgery the cats receive vaccinations including rabies. The cats are then able to live out their lives with a much brighter and healthier future.
We also have a low-cost spay/neuter program. Working with a local veterinarian, we make available low cost spays and neuters. For low income pet owners we may offer financial assistance when spaying and neutering their pets.